Thursday, November 22, 2007

Politics and Football

As an England fan I'm glad the Euro football campaign has ended. It seems that McClaren will go, pushed rather than doing the decent thing and resign. Perhaps, at last, someone is going to get the idea that unless there's real changes in the way football is run in England then it will only get worse. We need to address the numbers of foreign players that are allowed in at every level. Work permits are given to just about anyone and unless there's something done about the issue we shall soon see even more teams like Arsenal where there are virtually no English players. Do I believe it will happen with the numpties who run the FA? No.

Assuming Maclaren is sacked they'll pay him a mighty great whack of money. This will be on top of the £5 million or so that the Swede got when he left. Maclaren will be out of work for none too long - guaranteed. It's symptomatic of all that's wrong with our culture. Just like Paul Grey who has just resigned and is to get his full pension. By the way resigning means he stays on his full salary until the pension scheme is finally worked out. These people are so out of touch with the real world that it's frightening.

Interestingly McClaren like Gordon Brown is a No.2 who has stepped up to become a No.1. It's not that easy and in realty it so often ends in failure. It's been clear to every England fan from his appointment that McClaren was part of the Sven problem and if any doubts what the hell was he doing standing underneath an umbrella? By that one action he shows he's not a leader, it's just pathetic.

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Fitaloon said...

As you say what was he doing under and Umbrella.
A quote from last night from a text message on the BBC. This time from Watson in Aberdeen.

“Without doubt, the defining image of McClaren’s short reign. With their backs against the wall, England need blood, sweat and tears, and yet McClaren stood there helpless, umbrella aloft, not even prepared to get his hair wet! What would Churchill say?”