Thursday, November 22, 2007

Alan Shearer For England Manager

This was Wednesday morning as I sat eating my breakfast in EAT in Tottenham Court Road. All was bright and sunny with no hint of what was to happen last evening when England were trounced. They were tactically inept, seemed to lack motivation for much of the game and looked leaden in other parts. So who is to be England manager? Well the ‘special one' has ruled himself out. Martin O'Neill, not that successful, ditto Harry Rednapp and Steve Coppell. There's a number of foreign Johnny's but we’ve been there already and we need to look closer to home.
To me the choice is obvious, Alan Shearer. He has respect, he's a winner and he knows a thing or two. The fact that he's never managed is irrelevant, nor had Jurgen Klinsman

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