Thursday, November 01, 2007

Eagles or Turkeys?

These days when people look back at the 70s, and when I say people I mean as often as not magazine writers, they tell us that 1976 was the year when Punk was born and was gathering momentum. Punk was dominating the culture of the streets. It was not quite how the new Musical Express saw it in their annual turkey of the year awards.

1. Sex Pistols.
2. Johnny Rotten.
3. Punk Rock
4. Bay City Rollers
5. Bill Grundy
6. Queen
7. Peter Frampton
8. Patti Smith
9. Britt Ekland
10. Freddie Mercury

Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody had been the biggest selling single of 1975 - how quickly people's allegiances change. Good to see the Eagles were not considered a Turkey.


r morris said...

Bay City Rollers I can see, but why were Queen and Frampton turkeys? Over-exposure?

ian russell said...

Bill Grundy, indeed. I know why he'd be included, but what was Britt doing wrong around that time?