Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Who - Maximum R&B

My good friend Richard Evans has an exhibition of his brilliant Who artwork at the Marquee in london. It is not to be missed, I'm going next Tuesday to catch it.

Richard also did the art direction on Bill Wyman's Blues Odyssey and Rolling with the Stones. Check out his work HERE


Liz said...

I just read further down your blog that it was Bill Wyman's 71st birthday. Tell me he's not really that old! Please!

Richard Havers said...

Yes he is, but he doesn't look it, or more importantly act it.

r morris said...

Looks like a great exhibit. Wish I could come. A lot of my LPs have Mr. Evans' work on or in them.

The art direction on Blues Odyssey and RWS is superb, too. One of the things that makes these books so appealing is their aesthetics.

Happy birthday, Bill W. From a fan in the sticks of the US.

ian russell said...

did he design the who logo? that's one of the best ever, simple and effective.