Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Rankin & Rebus Exhibition

Last evening it was off to Edinburgh and the preview party for the 'Rebus 20 - Crime Scene Edinburgh' at the National Library of Scotland. It was to celebrate 20 years of Ian Rankin's detective series. The exhibition itself contains any artefacts associated with Ian's writing including original manuscripts as well as items from Scottish Museums and the police associated with crime. A pocket book made out of the skin of infamous 19th century murderers Burke (& Hare) is probably the most bizarre item. Ian revealed that he wrote three novels in the reading room of the library while ostensibly researching his PHD on the work of Muriel Spark. The Rebus 20 web site is well worth a look.

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1st Lady said...

There were Burke skin trinkets made too, you can tell if they are genuine by exposing them to the Scottish weather. If its sunny freckles appear on the trinket and they turn fire red within minutes. :)

Thanks for mentioning the exhibit, I must look into what dates it is on.