Friday, October 26, 2007

Boxing Day Jimi Hendrix

Idly browsing through a 1966 copy of the NME from December 1966 I came across this advert for Bill Walker's north London club. it's interesting for several reasons in that it is the earliest advert for Jimi Hendrix that I've ever seen. It was a week before hey Joe entered the charts.

As a way to spend a Boxing Day afternoon it would have been not bad at all, this was before Jimi was setting fire to his guitar and who knows maybe he got the idea from setting light to Christmas puddings! Interesting that it, and the Animals, were the two gigs where 'ladies' are charged the same as men.

I've just noticed it's interesting because it's... 'Jimmy'!!


r morris said...

I wish I had lived in England back in the day, and had the common sense at the time to go to these concerts. Man, the stories I could tell my grandchildren.

musicobsessive said...

Amazing! 15 bob to see DDDBM&T yet a mere 5 shillings to see Jimi. I hope they were three times as good!!

Richard Havers said...

DD,D,B,M & T had already had four top ten hits by this time - including the oft lampooned Bend It.

The idea of a matinee show with Jimi is just brilliant.