Monday, August 13, 2007

Victory For The Spidermen

I went to Murayfield on Saturday to watch Scotland give Ireland a whipping at rugby - not that I was anticipating such a thing, and I doubt many of the 25,000 were either. Scotland played some good rugby, quick hands and were positive. It wasn't all good though, for long periods of the game Scotland kind of drifted. Apart from the rugby the chat with Mrs. H's sister's intended was mostly about the ineptitude of the SRU - the people that run the Scottish game.

They are mostly ex-accountants or amateurs trying to operate in a highly professional world and much of the time they fail dismally. First of all you can't just walk up and buy a ticket, you have to have done so online previously. Now I can see that on a big match day this is a problem but why not on friendlies? There's always a problem in Murayfield of creating an atmosphere given the shape of the stadium and the SRU do a pretty poor job of enhancing it. They have two records, Runrig's live version of Loch Lomond and the Proclaimer's 500 miles, which they play incessantly. It sounds pony and does nothing to create any buzz, in part because the sound system sounds even ponier! Someone needs to go study American football methods.

Finally there's the new Scottish strip. It has been changed from the blue to a blue and grey - they look not unlike a Spider Man outfit gone wrong!


r morris said...

That's crazy that you can't walk up and buy a ticket at the gate. What do people do that don't have a computer?
Scotland versus Ireland? Hmmm. I wonder who I'd cheer for? I feel so conflicted!

Liz said...

I think it was their new jerseys that did for Wales when they played England recently. They were emasculated - clingy girly-tops!

Richard Havers said...

The problem was they were not girls in the clingy tops! :)