Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Protest Against the Christmas Lights?

All this nonsense at Heathrow over the climate change protesters is getting out of hand. Their numbers are small and yet the publicity they've been given has been out of all proportion Added to which the senior policeman interviewed on Channel 4 news last night was an dire spokesman. He gave the impression of wanting confrontation and seemed unable to explain properly how and why anti-terror laws would be used against protesters.

Of course air travel, Heathrow and the BAA are all soft targets in the global war against climate change. The arguments against increased air travel should not be directed at these people alone but at ourselves - they are merely responding to demand. What's going to happen next Christmas we have climate change pickets in Oxford Street protesting against the lights? People being stoned for having their homes all lit up with Christmas lights?

We have to strike a balance between the way we live now and how we need to live to maintain the planet. What we need is less government rhetoric and more firm action. But that of course will cost votes and there will be nothing from Gordon Brown until he wins the next election (is he going to? -Ed).

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