Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Things You Possibly Didn't Know No.14

In the late 1950s Andy Warhol did some drawings that appeared on covers for the iconic jazz label Blue Note. This one for Kenny Burrell was in 1958.


r morris said...

Okay, I may get into trouble with modern art lovers for this, but Andy Warhol is the most over-rated artist of the twentieth century. I still get a kick out of how mad he got when Mick Jagger wrote all over this 'lovely' cover for 'Love You Live!' Jagger's scrawl was the best thing about that cover.

Give me the French impressionists any day.

jmb said...

Mr Morris, we are in total agreement. On both fronts, AW ordinary, FI great.

r morris said...

We both obviously have impeccable taste. ;)