Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I'm Tiring of the Saltire Fiasco

You’d think that after the rather petty spat over flying the Saltire or the Union flag on public buildings in Scotland that things couldn’t degenerate any further. Well they just have. MSP Christine Grahame, that model of restraint and balanced thinking has waded into the argument by suggesting that if the Saltire is not flown higher than the Union Jack at Edinburgh Castle and the “British Army is not prepared to reconsider its position then I think the time will have come to review its tenancy arrangements."

She brings shame on not just her party, but also on the whole notion of what government is about. It is not about futile gestures designed to make us feel like a nation. It is not to pretend that the “British Army” is an army of occupation, neither is it about trying to turn people in Scotland against the idea of the Union by through childish arguments.

She claims to have discovered that ownership of Edinburgh castle was transferred to Historic Scotland at devolution, making the Scottish Executive responsible for the flagstaffs. Has this prime example of a Numpty got nothing better to do? Why do we have to throw money away on those such as Ms. Grahame?

It’s this type of stupidity that will do for the SNP. Shrek will have to fight hard to keep the militant tendency in line otherwise they will undermine his ability to try and keep things on the higher ground. Not that he’s entirely blameless himself with the pending announcement on a Scottish Commission on broadcasting – it really is all rather missing the point.

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Anonymous said...

Glad to see you leave Scotland when everyone else is voting Yes. Such pin headed twaddle should be banned on the net.