Saturday, August 11, 2007

Low Food Yards

Not that we're expecting a Vampire attack but we've got a bumper harvest of garlic. Mr's H. collected it yesterday and here it is, this morning, drying out. We had some roasted with chicken last night and it was lovely. I assumed that we were too far north to grow garlic - it was only something those clever French people could do. Then we read about a lady in Perthshire who had started growing in commercially on their farm. It tastes just like the garlic you buy in French markets!

Update from Mrs. H. I've got it all wrong. She had read that you need cold for garlic to go into cloves within the bulb so she was well ahead of me - again!

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r morris said...

Garlic is truly a food of the gods.
To quote Bill Wyman: "Can't get enough, get enough a dat stuff, can't get enough a dat stuff".