Friday, July 13, 2007

The Campbell Has Come

I watched the Alastair Campbell Diaries TV show last night and all the way I couldn't help thinking - 'how much of this was really written at the time, and how much has been treated with a post operative pen'. There's a brilliant article by Robert Fox over at The First Post. I'll lift just one small section from it.

Most revealing of Campbell in his Julius Caesar mode are the passages on the Kosovo crisis. He boasts of his prowess in managing a gaggle of generals, Clark of the US, and our very own Guthrie, Jackson and Smith, with a braggadocio that makes Toad of Toad Hall look like a wimp in the self-advertisement department.

Read the rest here.

Why is Campbell talking down to Blair and our beloved ex P.M. looking up to his spin meister?


r morris said...

Isn't a non-self-serving political memoir an oxymoron?

I like the rearranging of the letters in the book title.

Richard Havers said...

Ah, you noticed Rob. I wonder how many people will?