Saturday, July 14, 2007

Begging his 'Lordships' Pardon

Now forgive me for getting ticked off but just who is 'Lord' Mark Malloch Brown? Of course I know he used to be deputy secretary general at the United Nations and he's now a Foreign Office Minister, having been appointed by Broon, but who is he to start using the newspapers to make veiled criticism of the USA?

The fact is that he has not been elected and here he is costing us a packet and he's vain enough to want to be interviewed by the Daily Telegraph and spout what are clearly his personal views given the fact that our PM has said there is no shift away from the USA.

It's all very well for Gordon brown to say he wants a government of all the talents but democracy is once again the loser in that appointments are made to which we have no real recourse. Nor can the Commons question ‘Lord’ MMB; what an indictment of the elected Labour MPs and what a kick in the teeth for the Civil Service. We're moving further and further towards an American style of government and this is not good news.

Update. While I was having my Cappuccino and some toast Mrs. H. made the astute observation that it's just a reflection on our consultant culture.


ScotsToryB said...

Look for his and GB's connections with George Soros and you will find a deeper answer.

Sorry, I cannot remember which site it was on.


Rachel Joyce said...

Very good points, Richard. I am not completely against the idea of appointing senior people in the country to help out in government (but under the remit of a winning election manifesto that they have signed up to and keep to), but, as you say - the system isn't properly set up for this. If he is a failure and loses his Ministerial role, will he then lose his Lord status (no)? How can MPs in the House of Commons properly scrutinise him and his work? It may be that if this continues we need to invest more power into the select committees - they have such a system in America to deal with this.
The bottom line is however that if we are tinkering with the Constitution, we should be asked in a referendum and it has to be fair with democratic mandates and checks in place.

Richard Havers said...

Did either of you see 'Boy' Milliband on Andrew Marr this morning? It's clear he doesn't want him around either!