Sunday, June 03, 2007

Very Little Smoke and Very Few Mirrors

Having been fobbed off by John Gummer after I wrote to David Cameron about the environmental challenge and the Tory's Quality of Life group I've been keeping a close eye on their web site. Talk about being under whelmed.

It clearly shows that that whole thing was nothing more than publicity stunt designed to get some column inches. The latest update on the site was 8 April 2007 "DON'T GIVE UP ON TWO DEGREES - The Policy Group has published an important update to the Quality of Life Group's recent report on acceptable climate change and CO2 emission targets." John Gummer's blog has had two entries so far this year, the last in February. Zac Goldsmith's has just one - EVER - and that was in January.

They say on the web site "We are calling on experts from pressure groups, NGOs, academia and Government. We already have in excess of 200 people helping: everyone a noted specialist in their subject. We will be holding open days, meetings, hearings and debates all over the country over the next year, and we'd be delighted to see you. Please keep checking this site to find out what's going on."


It's a load of hot air and typical of why people criticize the Cameron Tory vision, it's light on substance and high on spin. David Cameron should take care not to be seen as a blow hard.

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