Friday, June 29, 2007

His Vision Is Like A Dream...

Mr. Fogelberg is hardly a household name in the UK. This album came out in 1977 and was a top 20 entry in the USA. Dan plays most of the instruments and wrote the entire thing. I heard the title track when I was in Houston on the radio, while driving to Austin and somehow it captured the moment. A big blue sky, miles of empty road and view that carried you across the horizon. When I got to Austin I had to go and buy a cassette, another day without hearing 'Netherlands' was not on the cards.

The whole album is classic Americana singer/songwriter territory but with some brilliant orchestration it takes it way beyond that. I hear Aaron Copeland and Ferde GrofĂ© when I listen to Dan Fogelberg. The strings on ‘Nether Lands’ were arranged by Dan and Dominic Frontiere (he's written a huge amount of film music including that for Clint Eastwood's Hang 'Em High).

Amongst the standout tracks that I found on that cassette were ‘Dancing Shoes’, ‘Scarecrow's Dream’ and ‘Once Upon A Time’. I listened to it all the way back to Houston from Austin and whenever I hear any of the songs today I'm back on that Texas freeway - the dream becomes my vision.

Dan Fogelberg has prostrate cancer but is fighting the disease. His music will be a rich legacy and who knows, one day people in Britain may actually take a bit of notice.

You can buy it here, for under a fiver, although I hear it's being released as a two-fer along with Captured Angel.

Rob, sorry I was so slow in replacing my album of the week….And what's more it's just occured to me that drive in Texas was thirty years ago!


r morris said...

Great pick. I think I have this on vinyl but haven't listened in years. I'll have to put it on. Funny how music can evoke that certain time of place you were when you first heard it. For a split-second, your whole being is transported to that moment. You can smell the same smells, feel the same sun on your face--everything floods back for an instant and then is gone, but you are left with a tingling sensation that you just experienced something that's deep inside and still there if only you can get to it.

Delicolor said...

Great review. I've OneClick bought it on spec as you make it well worth a Fiver.

Richard Havers said...

Ian, I see you are a Dean Friedman fan, Don't know if you know this but there's a new series of six shows hosted by Mr.F strating on BBC Radio Scotland next week.

I hope you enjoy Dan Fogelberg as much, or even half as much as I do. The best thing when writing about music is when you actually inspire someone to listen or buy something.

Ellee said...

Richard, you should be on commission. I must admit this singer is news to me too, I hope he recovers from his prostrate cancer.