Saturday, June 30, 2007

Get Your Mac Fixed

We're a Mac house, and not just because we're here in Scotland! I run a G5 tower, an Intel Macbook Pro and Mr's H. an Intel Mac mini (she preferred her old iMac but I was anxious to keep us up to date). Our biggest problem is networking because our walls are so thick that airport struggles. We have a system called homeplug that connects into the power socket and turns them into network ports.

Off and on we've been having problems with the Intel Mac mini, which is upstairs, and today we seem to have a fix on it, thanks to Kevan at Fix My Mac.

Kevan has been our one stop shop for all things Mac for 8 months or so and is a genius. If you live in Edinburgh, the Lothian’s or even further a field Fix My Mac is the answer. On his web site Kevan says there's an emphasis on service - he is totally correct.


Lord Nazh© said...

"Get Your MAC Fixed"

Buy a PC


Richard Havers said...

Now that would be a drastic step!

Ellee said...

It's good to give someone a plug when you get good service. Are you going to buy the iphone?

Richard Havers said...

Funny you should mention that Ellee, but no. The reason being that I got a new phone on my O2 account on Friday. It is a Nokia E65, which is incompatible with a Mac. So now I have to go back and get another phone.

The iphone will be for me a waste. I just make calls on my cell phone as a. I can't use it at home because of no signal and b. I don't leave home that often!

Simon Haynes said...

Just visiting after your comment on my blog. I can't say much about UK politics and the news, but this post caught my eye.

We're a Windows & Linux household here - 7 PCs, three laptops, a file/print/web server AND I'm just building a media PC for the lounge room. It's always been Windows because of gaming and because my apps are written in Microsoft Visual Studio (aka my income stream) Before that, I was a mad keen Atari ST nutter with a humongous setup, somewhat mac-II like, and prior to that it was Sinclair all the way.