Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Call for the PC Busters

Perth College is to set up The Centre for Rural Childhood to influence the development of policies for those born or brought up in remote or rural areas. The centre is being set up by the UHI Millennium Institute, the forerunner of a planned university of the Highlands and Islands. Professor Stewart Asquith, a leading child study specialist and an honorary professor with UHI, will be the centre's acting director. "There has been a lot of interest in children's issues, particularly on children's rights, over the last decade or so, but most of the work has been on the experiences of children in an urban context." According to the Professor. "There is a feeling that it's time we paid a bit more attention to children and their families in a rural context. You may find in remote areas children have fewer opportunities to integrate with other kids."

Well whaddya know. And this is a problem worthy of study? Call in the PC Busters.

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Ellee said...

Absolutely crazy. YOu could say we have the same problem here in the Fens.