Friday, May 04, 2007

Scottish Election Update

It's 3.30 a.m. Watching the BBC Scotland election coverage I'm struck by a number of things.

The most obvious thing is the shambolic arrangements over the count. Spoiled ballot papers could amount to 100,000 across Scotland. My sense is that is maybe ten times more than usual

My prediction that the Greens will be squeezed look likes it's coming true.

The animosity displayed between the parties represented in the studio is as bad as I have ever witnessed. Admittedly it's mostly between the SNP and Labour; even allowing for the adrenalin running hot.

The BBC are saying it's going down to the wire, the result will be that close. My late run by Labour prediction seems to be coming true.

Update of the Update....

05.10 John Lamont has won for the Tories in our local constituency (Roxburgh & Berwickshire). A massive swing!!

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