Monday, May 14, 2007

The Scotsman's On The Slide

According to the Scotsman this morning 'pressure on Douglas Alexander, the Scottish Secretary and the person responsible for choosing the ballot papers, increased yesterday when Sir Sean Connery called on him to resign over the problems with the Scottish election'. What bloody next - they actually pay people to write this kind of tosh. The once great newspaper is heading down the slippery slope on a daily basis. A celebrity speaks and we're supposed to listen; this kind of drivel does nothing for the Scotsman's credibility.


Back from walking the dogs and I had an email in my inbox from All Media Scotand that gives the latest circulation figures for newspapers in Scotland. The Scotsman has a daily print circulation of 54,179 and the Herald 69,328. According to the email 'the figures for the Scotsman remain stubbornly downward: 3.4 per cent down, month-on-month; 12.3 per cent down, year-on-year. Its Sunday sister title, Scotland on Sunday, is down 6.7 per cent, year-on-year, and 4.5 per cent, month-on-month. Meanwhile, the year-on-year figure for The Herald is down 5.4 per cent (2.2 per cent down, month-on-month). As for its Sunday sister, the Sunday Herald, its year-on-year figure is 3.1 per cent down, year-on-year, and 0.4 per cent down, month-on-month.'

I had no idea that it was only about 1% of the population that read the Scotsman. Now I know it's not quantity but quality and I'm sure the argument is all about these people being the influential and the important in Scotland, and a lot of others read it online, but still!


Chris Paul said...

Amazingly low figure that. Manchester's Evening paper which has itself slumped from a third of a million or more to half that is selling three times as many copies ... despite lots of giveaways and web readers.

Ken from glos said...

I read all my newspapers on line now and I am sure many others do.

It saves me money and I get views from all over the world.

Broadband is great!