Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Ignorance is Not Clever

Twice, when asked by the BBC TV reporter Glen Campbell how he was going to deal with the new First Minister, Gordon Brown ignored the question. Apparently he's also ignored Alex Salmond having had no contact with him since he was confirmed in his position. Gordon 'Courage' Brown really should behave a little more maturely and sensibly on this issue, and if I'm honest I'm actually rather surprised. What does he hope to gain, what political point is the great clunking fist trying to make here. It just reinforces my belief in the fact that Gordon Brown will never a leader be.


Ewen Bruce said...

Yes, its true, Gordie’s response to Glen ‘Lonesome Cowboy’ Campbell’s questions was childish and puerile; however I think it fitted in well with the general tone and professionalism of the programme. Relating back to your blog-post a few days ago on the “Scottish Broadcasting Company”, today’s programme reached an all-time low. The headline item was a pitiful, manufactured, football story. It was followed by a ‘feel good’ story (aren’t these usually prefixed by the words “and finally…”), which was followed by a summary of the sports news to come; which was followed by the Gordie article, then more sport. The icing on the cake for me was the roaming reporter in headline item, seen clutching a logo-encrusted football and spouting forth “Unlike this football, John McBeth’s remarks have not been endorsed by FIFA”. Give that man a coconut; anyone that can come up with a line like that should be offered a job in kids’ telly immediately.

Who can I write to to demand less locally produced TV content?

Richard Havers said...

Ewen, I'm with you all the way. I was actually going to do a wider ranging piece on the bulletin but thought I'd just come off like a broken record. I watched ITV's Border Newsround programme before the BBC and it was a close call as to which was worse – the ultimate in TV putdowns for those not familiar with ITV Borders.

The obsession with football is just crazy. I don't buy the argument that the BBC London bosses stop the programme from being better because they keep budgets down. there's better journalism from amateurs in the blogosphere than we get on BBC Scotland's flagship news programme.

Ewen Bruce said...

Indeed. I think the pitiful performance of our national news deserves a blog all of its own. And while I'm at it; why does every spot have to include at least 3 bad puns. Does everyone at BBC Scotland News want to be a comedian?