Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Are All Experts Green?

There’s a letter in today’s Scotsman from Patrick Harvie, the Green MSP. No wonder we have a problem at the Numptorium, it seems he has trouble reading and understanding.

Patrick Harvie is disingenuous in his claims when he says Bill Jamieson’s view was that "environmental interests have no place in contributing to Scotland's economic development." His point was far more complex and significant. The Council of Economic Advisers that the First Minister wants to set up will have no power over the macro economic scenario and will therefore be largely ineffectual - unless one takes account of its ability to mischief make. Bill Jamieson went on to say that the council that "pits advocates of growth against advocates of lower growth (Greens) is unlikely to come up with unambiguous guidance."

Patrick Harvie says that he is delighted that the First Minister has responded to the Green's suggestion that "his new economic advisory council should include social and environmental expertise." This is an example of were the Greens consistently go wrong. They assume that they are the ones with this expertise; their green is better than everyone else's green.

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