Thursday, May 24, 2007

Easy We Do

The Church of Scotland has stated that nuclear power station in Scotland are a bad thing, they have decreed that British troops should be pulled out of Iraq yet their General Assembly cannot decide on whether to - 'Recognise that gay people should not be prevented from holding positions of leadership in the Church, believing it could be seen as potentially affirming same-sex partnerships and practice, an issue which the Kirk has yet to tackle.'


David Ross said...

Good post, your "pet aversion".

Don't they have to take the "Hypocritic Oath" when they enter the Church of Scotland, or am I confused? Hmmmm.

r morris said...

A person's sexual orientation should be private, whether he/she is gay or straight. Then it never becomes an issue. I'm sure there are many brilliant gays in the clegy right now, but it is not an issue because they do not use their church positions to advocate their lifestyle. As a practicing Roman Catholic, I have had priests who I suspected were gay, but it never bothered me.
Discretion seems to be the key.

Anonymous said...

Why would a church have any position at all on a nuclear power plant?

Nuclear energy is a viable alternative energy and could go a long ways towards lessening our dependence on fossil fuels.
I live near a large government nuclear site that proves the safety of nuke energy on a daily basis. Most experts agree that nuclear power, if managed correctly, is a good alternative energy source.

Bag said...

I love it when they can take such a firm stance on things they have nothing to do with but when it comes to things that will impact them then they suddenly can't make a decision.