Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Art of Politics

In Alastair Darling's statement yesterday on the future energy needs in Britain two things were headline items.

Tougher environmental standards for new build homes, and other products

Encourage more research into green transport

From all I hear the cost of new builds is escalating hugely due to all the existing environmental standards that are to be met. This is one significant reason why the cost of homes for first time buyers is being pushed up and the price is being kept out of the reach of most people. Unless we address how first timers can get on the property ladder how does the house market continue to be fuelled? Surely the main thrust here should be doing even more to make existing houses more environmentally friendly.

Encouraging more research into green transport at the same time as we are encouraging more and more air travel do not sit comfortably.

Politics is the art of saying things that sound good and sensible while at the same time being totally at odds with what's really happening.

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