Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Brown Stuff - Again!

The Gordon Brown For Britain web site seems to have a new front page without the photoshopped kids. However, it now has the most bloody awkward sentence!

“If I can show that how at weekends and outside the normal hours people can have more access to the health services that they need, millions using NHS Direct, millions using walk-in centres, more access to GPs, then I believe that is what politics is actually about: it’s about serving the needs of the people.”

Now I know I make some mistakes on here when I'm a bit pushed or working on the laptop, but I'm not running for Prime Minister.

GB also says - “We’ve got to do far more.” Isn't it amazing how we've all known this for so long and only when faced with becoming leader that it's occurred to him. He is such a fraud.


Gracchi said...

There was a wonderful Heseltine speech on that topic about Brown and how he tortures the language- I think his particular mode of speech could become something that hurts him.

Richard Havers said...

It hurts because it's difficult to understand a word he is saying.