Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Vacuous Man

To save you all the trouble of reading the Joker’s Manifesto launch speech I have done it for you – Here are the highlights?

Today I set out my ambition, our Scottish Labour ambition to have the best education system in the world.

To put the people of Scotland first; we must put education first.

21st century Scotland is succeeding.

We have built a better country

To be the best in the world by 2020

Labour's new Sunrise Agenda will target 10,000 two year olds

Not just an education policy for one year, but for all years

I am determined to lift the floor and leave no child behind

We will reduce class sizes

There are no half measures in our blueprint for the future

a strategic vision to build Scotland's future

And we will build a fairer Scotland.

5 years into this job, I have never felt as positive and optimistic

today I will do the right thing by my country

Labour will not break up Britain. Labour will build Scotland for all our futures

If you still have a hankering to read the whole lot you can find it HERE

The sad thing is that the whole bloody speech is like that, It's desperate.


Ewen Bruce said...

Damn. When I read the line “today I will do the right thing by my country”, I assumed the next line would contain the word “resignation”. Another disappointment from Joke.

Richard Havers said...

To paraphrase the SNP....It's just a matter of time....