Saturday, April 28, 2007

Two Jobs, Salmond

In all the electoral huffing and puffing it had somehow passed me by, but the Salmon intends to retain his seat at Westminster after the Scottish elections. Now assuming he's elected to Holyrood and assuming the SNP become the biggest party it is conceivable that he will be the First Minister. I wonder how he'll split his time? Will he retain both salaries? Why didn't he stand down, surely that would give another SNP candidate a seat at Westminster?

The information about the former socialist republican, people often forget just how far to the left that Alex Salmond was, came in a letter in today's Scotsman. Predictably the usual commentators, who pepper the column with their Scots Nats rhetoric, say he needs to be in Westminster, as well, in order to secure independence. Obviously he can do neither job properly if he decides to do both jobs. Was he just hedging his bets? I bet he'll give up Westminster if he becomes First Minister.

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