Friday, April 13, 2007

Scottish Money Doesn't Always Make The World Go Around

I've a letter in the Scotsman today, this is the original version, theirs is slightly edited.

Janey Godley in her column in Monday's Scotsman made a big song and dance about a London cab driver not accepting her "Scottish money." The cab driver was perfectly within his rights. I have had cab drivers show me their carriage book which clearly states that they do not have to accept Scottish notes. Only Bank of England notes are legal tender in England. Whether or not notes have legal tender status, their acceptability as a means of payment is essentially a matter for agreement between the passenger and the cab driver - or for that matter anyone else you are looking to do business with south of the border. As has been reported within your own pages during the last year, Scottish bank notes are not even legal tender in Scotland. Ms. Godley was probably fortunate that there wasn't a policeman about, if there had of been you might be looking for a new columnist.

In her column she said "Fine, mate. I have offered you the cash and you won't accept it, and I have just invented a crime called legal stealing!" I slammed his car door and walked into the comedy club. How nice of the cabbies in London to give me free rides."

All fun stuff but after the elections I suspect that Scottish money will become even less acceptable darn sarf. If ever we have independence we really will be in trouble.


The Paper Boy said...

I had the same in a well-known recent takeover target supermarket near the Welsh border - my Clydesdale £20 was examined closely before the checkout 'assistant' said "sorry we don't take Sterling". As luck would have it I had a wallet full of €uro so offered them instead. Then the 'checkout champion' was summoned, with much tutting from the queue. No erudites present in the queue.

r morris said...

When I lived up in Montana, we used to use Canadian and American coins interchangeably. However, it was every buyer and seller's right to refuse Canadian money, as the valuation was different at about 75 cents US = $1.00 C.
Sounds like the lady journalist was the one doing the robbing.