Sunday, April 15, 2007

Musical Royalty

Bob Wills - The King of Western Swing

Being a Sunday I thought is was time for some light relief....any others you can think of??

The King - Elvis Presley
King of the Blues - B.B. King, had his first hit in 1951, still having them fifty years later
Queen of Soul - Aretha Franklin
Ben E. King - Born a Nelson, joined the Five Crowns who became the Drifters, by which time Benjamin was already a King
Freddy King & Albert King - Blues guitar legends who are no relation to the King of The Blues
Evelyn ‘Champagne’ King - Former cleaning lady turned Disco Diva
Queen Latifah - American rap star who’s real name is Dana Owens
The Kings of Rhythm - Ike Turner’s backing band in the 60’s
The Rhythm Kings - Bill Wyman’s band after his retirement from the Rolling Stones
The King of Swing - Clarinettist Benny Goodman
Australia’s King of Country Music – Slim Dusty
The King of Country Music - Roy Acuff, fiddle player and singer.
The Queen of Country Music - Kitty Wells or Reba McEntire, depending on who you believe.
The Empress of The Blues - Bessie Smith
King of Ragtime - Scott Joplin
The King of Jazz - A Bing Crosby film with the big production numbers provided by ‘The King of Jazz’, Paul Whiteman
Brice King - Christian folk singer
The King of Jazz Bass - Charles Mingus
King Oliver’s Jazz Band - One of the finest pre war jazz bands who first recorded in 1923 with Oliver and Louis Armstrong playing the cornet.
Nat ‘King’ Cole - The Sepia Sinatra who had over 100 hundred American hits before he died aged 47 in 1965.
King - A British dance group from the 80s
Carole King - The Queen of singer/songwriters
Jonathan King - Who cares
Rev. Martin Luther King - An excerpt from his ‘I Had A dream’ speech made No.88 in the American charts
Queen of Country Blues - Memphis Minnie
Kingdome Come - Arthur Brown’s group after he left his Crazy World
King Curtis - Sax player who had hits in his own right and led the Kingpins, the Queen of Soul’s backing group
Roy Rogers - The King of the Cowboys
Queen - Topped the British singles chart six times
King Tubby - Former radio repairman Osbourne Ruddock who became a Reggae star
The King’s Singers - British group singing traditional songs who are probably unknown to every other King on the list
Saunders King - One of the first, if not the first, blues electric guitar players
King of Western Swing - Bob Wills
Queen Ida - The first accordion player to lead a Zydeco band
Kingsize Taylor & The Dominoes - Liverpool contemporaries of The Beatles
Pee Wee King - Singer and songwriter, his biggest hit ‘The Tennessee Waltz’, his first – ‘Slow Poke’
The King of Skiffle - Lonnie Donegan
Wayne King - The unintentionally funny 40s band leader
Terri, Drag Queen of the Blues - Probably self-proclaimed
King of Pop - Michael Jackson, definitely self-proclaimed
Prince -Who’ll never be a King no matter what


David Ross said...

not to forget....

Christine (nee) King - Queen of pinhead porridge.

Richard Havers said...

In our house she's queen of all things!

r morris said...

Wow, Richard. Your list is so comprehensive I am completely stumped. All I can think of is some royalty, such as Count Basie and Duke Ellington. :)
R Morris

Alastair McKay said...

All hail King Shortshirt, the monarch of Antiguan calypso!