Friday, April 27, 2007

Moral Majority Maze

Nicol Stephen, speaking to The Scotsman said: "The largest party, in my view, has the moral authority to seek to form a government, whether it's a minority or through coalition, and that's a simple, straightforward, obvious position."

On the face of it a good statement, one that is eminently sensible for the Lib Dems as he is clearly anxious to remain as Deputy Farce Minister and sees the SNP in the position of being the largest after next week's election. He's still making the case that he wants no truck with a referendum. It remains to be seen if he keeps to his word as he says he will join the opposition benches if the SNP insist on a deal that includes a referendum. Do I trust him - No!

I'm against independence, not for emotional reasons, I totally get it on those grounds, but on the practical and financial issues of running an entirely separate country. However, it appears that the majority of people in Scotland don't want independence either, despite saying that they will vote for the SNP. It's more than likely that the majority of people in Scotland will not vote for the SNP either, which means that they might be the largest party, but not carry the majority of the voters. Therefore who does have moral responsibility here? Where does that leave us?


Anonymous said...

The majority of English voters do want to see Scottish independence, and that is something Scottish Unionists are just going to have to come to terms with.

Fitaloon said...

Just wait until they can see that their snouts will no longer be in the trough and see how they will squeal and then they will do anything to get into power of any sort even if it means going back on their words. The Lib Dems have consistently changed their minds whenever it suits them and their dreams of power in any form. I'm quite happy to see the SNP form a government and go for a Referendum as I think the majority of Scotland will throw that out which will lead to huge question of what the SNP would need to do next as they then just become a "normal" political party. Their existence is no longer required and we can look for a true Scottish Party to represent us.