Friday, April 06, 2007

Gordo Gets Gobby at Gleneagles

Yesterday Gordo was at Gleneagles, almost two years on from the G8 Summit at which the world’s leaders decided, pledged or pretended (delete as you see fit) that they were going to end world poverty. I fully concur with the dream but can’t help feeling our brave Chancellor is a bit of a charlatan. Yesterday Broon said, "the fight to eradicate poverty to the one to end slavery 200 years ago".... "Let nobody tell us there are no good causes left," he said. "That 30,000 children will die today because of our inability to help. Each child is unique and special and we desire for each child what we would desire for our own children."

Is he a loony? Poverty is not akin to the fight to end slavery (it’s a sound bite you idiot – Ed). What’s more Broon is on a trip with all this. He sees it as a platform for his thrust to become PM. There’s no doubting we should be doing as much as we can but someone ought to advise the PM-in-waiting that according to UNICEF,

- British children were the unhappiest in the Western world.
- Our Youth unemployment is higher than it was in 1997.
- And perhaps worst of all given how much money the government has said they’ve ploughed into education - 15% of school-leavers are functionally illiterate.

I’d quite like it if Broon would just get on with the job of dealing with this country rather than saving the world. He’s Messianic, like Bliar, only with TB it’s a fight that he seems to always want whereas GB has become more like Mother Teresa meets the Pied Piper. There’s a case to be made that says he’s trying to keep our eye off the domestic ball. Just to make it even more laughable Joke Macdonald was at the Gleneagles meeting – somebody in his party ought to mention he has an election to win – then again maybe he already sees it as lost and is setting himself up for what happens next. British High Commissioner to Malawi?

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