Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Christmas in Blairland

With Broon's continuing slide down the popularity stakes (admittedly I have never been able to get my head around why anyone thought him any good in the first place) the question of when there will be a change in the leadership of the Labour Party and a resultant shoe-in of a new PM becomes somewhat more interesting. GB's credentials for the job have largely hinged around his 'fiscal management', his supreme ability to see our economy grow and prosper. Yesterday's news on inflation and a series of blows to his reputation in this area have left him in an uneasy position. Rumours of who might challenge him are rife and I assume that no concrete news of a challenge is all down to the fact that, rather like an old stag in a herd, Broon is not yet quite weak enough.

What about Blair? His legacy is in tatters, there's been nothing of late to help improve his image or people's view of his premiership, accept that he might still be a better bet than GB. I've had a fiver on TB not resigning until after 2008 begins for several months now. My scenario is simple. He will want to save the country from further disaster and save the Labour party after their meltdown that will inevitable come in Scotland - in a vain attempt to resurrect his reputation. Broon's even more direct association with Scotland will further damage his standing - despite being born in Edinburgh (ironically the site of his coming has been demolished) TB at least represents an English constituency.

So there you have it. Bliar will not be 'Blairingone' (Clackmannanshire) and we will still be living in 'Blairland' (Ayrshire) next Christmas

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