Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Bobbie's on Bicycles

Today's LA Times top story is about the William and Kate saga. In a nutshell they say that the whole ending of the relationship revolves around class, and Kate's apparent lack of it (and also her mother's faux pas on the etiquette front). Not once do they say that they may just have fallen out of love or whatever it has that happens at that young age. Bizarrely the article goes on to paint a picture of Britain that is more 'Bobbie's on bicycles and Westminster Abbey, the tower of Big Ben' than anything I recognise. They quote Mary Killen, who writes the etiquette column in the Spectator. These days, she said, "money is the kind of thing that brings people together. Spending power. People now socialize with people with the same amount of money as they have to spend."

So what's new? It's always been that way.

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Fitaloon said...

American's are just so insular until they have managed to get out of their country and seen there is another world out there.
They have so little understanding of where and what goes on apart from their own little world.
Tried once to explain to an American in Houston where Scotland was after he asked if it was near Switzerland (must of seen it in a film), I should just have said "yes" for all his comprehension.