Friday, April 13, 2007

Charlatans One and All

Don't you just love politicians? Their ability to say one thing while meaning another is unmatched. If indeed they were operating in the corporate world they would find it difficult to maintain their reputations for honesty and fair dealings with colleagues, clients and their customers. The latest to piece of 'bobbing and weaving' comes from the Salomon who has now said that a referendum just on Scottish independence was his "absolute preference", but accepted that it would have to be decided in "negotiations". This of course opens the door to a Lib Dem coalition. Now from both their points of view this is good. The likelihood of the SNP winning an outright majority is slim and Labour is even slimmer so with the Lib Dem charlatans on board the Salmon would become First Minister and Nicker Stephens would be back as his deputy. I wonder how little Nicola feels about that?

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