Monday, April 02, 2007

Bill Wyman Metal Detector

Bill Wyman as some of you may know is a very keen archaeologist and historian. He's been metal detecting since the early 1990s and as I once said of him - he's the acceptable face of metal detecting. We did a book together a couple of years ago called Bill Wyman's Treasure Islands and now Bill has brought out his own signature detector that is available HERE.

Rather than me write a lot on the blog click on the link above and you’ll find there's full information on how to buy this lightweight easy to use detector that's ideal for children ass well as new entrants to the hobby.

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r morris said...

Bill Wyman never ceases to amaze me. He's truly a Renaissance man. When he could have rested on his laurels as 'greatest bass player in rock and roll', he has instead forged onwards as a photographer and historian. I look forward to reading Treasures of Britain.