Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Battle of the Pamphlets

Over at A Big Stick and A Small Carrot there's a wonderful piece about a local Labour election pamphlet in which 'members of the public' pictured and quoted turn out to be Scottish Labour Party candidates in the local council elections.

You can view it HERE

We've had a few election pamphlets with the post, only so far seen the Tory local council candidate. The Green party mailer for South of Scotland MSPs has pictures of a tram, a house being built, an office block (I think it is anyway) and a shopping street. Nothing at all about the South of Scotland. It features Chris Ballance MSP, who I must admit I have a bit of a downer on. His father was my headmaster (Chris Ballance and I went to the same school in Surrey) and when I was 17 I had to sit in his study with my mother while he said to her. "Of course, your son will never amount to much." It was a real 'does he take sugar' moment.

We've had the SNP MSP candidate Aileen Orr's brochure, which is much more relevant. If only they didn't believe in independence she'd get my first vote. Aileen talks more sense than any of the other candidates. The only thing that disappoints is no mention of bloody wind farms blighting Berwickshire. As Dexy's Midnight Runners once sang - Come on Aileen. (Eileen you idiot - Ed)

The worst of the brochures have consistently been from the Lib Dems. In places they don't even make sense. They feature our aptly named 'sitting member' Euan Robson in a variety of locations with pensioners, babies and bus stops. So dull, so lacking in imagination and in fact just like the Lib Dems. Their election broadcast last night on BBC Scottish TV was just laughable. Apparently they only have one candidate - Nicol Stephens. It was all about Nicker, the words me and I were plastered all over it.

John Lamont the Conservative Holyrood candidate has done a good job of communicating. I think he will get another swing from the Lib Dems as he did in the UK parliament elections, but not enough to win. Against what I thought would happen Annabel Goldie has done a good job. My vote for him won't count for much!

Just in the latest from Euan Robson MSP Lib Dems. He talks in his brochure about power supplies and fails to even mention, just once, the fact that his constituency is being overrun with wind farms and applications for a turbine curtain along the border with England. So it's not happening is it Euan? Failing to even address it is a disgrace.

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