Friday, March 16, 2007


Simple, I've always wanted to play the piano and for me he plays with such 'feel'. I first heard his name on a BBC programme - it was probably 1980. Phil Collins was choosing his 'my top 12' and he picked a track by Pat Metheny entitled 'San Lorenzo'. I was hooked. Lyle plays keyboards with Pat on the album from which that track comes from and he did so quite beautifully.

I've bought several of Lyle's solo albums (having bought almost every one of Pat Metheney's albums) and this is one of my favourites. It ranges from contemporary jazz (Feet First) through to the big band sound of 'Possible Straight'. The album's title track is a four part suite which I would class as atmo-jazz.

Try and give it a listen it's still available on Amazon

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Anonymous said...

I gave a listen. Interesting music. However, if someone first clicks on the first of four audio clips entitled Sweet Dreams, they could be turned off as it's not a good sampling of Lyle's actual contribution (musically).
Not my first choice of jazz-style, I'm more in tune with the old, standard, more conservative jazz. However, nothing like hearing something fresh on occasion! Thanks for the suggestion to head to for a listen.