Saturday, March 17, 2007

I (Irrelevant) TV

I’m on the 8.11 from Berwick upon Tweed to London and I’ve got as far as page 3 in the Scotsman. What’s the big news? Simon Cowell is to use all his experience as a judge on the X-Factor to become involved in making an ITV drama about to feuding judges on an X=Factor style show. To be called ‘Rock Rivals’ it’s being made by the company that made Footballers Wives. Clearly Michael Grade’s rant a week or so ago about the need to improve the quality of their programmes has fallen on deaf ears. It can only be a matter of time before we have a programme called ‘Paint Wars’, or something equally daft, in which two painters argue who has the quickest drying paint and then the programme follows their experiences while watching it dry.


Anonymous said...

Good point. Love the sarcastic wit that pokes through your writing! Keep up the great work ... I'm reading.


Richard Havers said...

Thanks WH, it's nice to know someone, somewhere gets it!