Sunday, March 18, 2007

When Can Brown Begin?

In today's The Observer there's an article by Gaby Hinsliff entitled A warmer shade of iron Brown.

Amongst the key quotes are -

"The man once described as having the 'social skills of a whelk' has, it was revealed last week, dined with Kylie Minogue."

"Through encounters like the parenting seminar hosted by the Equal Opportunities Commission 10 days ago, Brown is now thinking about the art of governing…The famously defensive Chancellor even admitted he might have to reconsider issues such as whether grandparents should be paid by the state for looking after their own grandchildren. He finished with a grinning testimony to the 'incredible' joys of parenthood."

"Fresh from the Big Brother racism row, where to the surprise of many colleagues he appeared to know exactly who Jade Goody was, Gordon Brown is dipping his toe further into the celebrity world. When it comes to entertaining at their own home the Browns keep less flashy company: their true celebrity friends include author JK Rowling and broadcaster Mariella Frostrup."

That's not a hint of irony in the article. It's as though all this celebrity stuff really honestly matters. I suppose some would argue that it helps to 'engage' the electorate who are interested in such things with politics and in particular Broon. Does anyone seriously think that most of those who care about celebs have any interest in the chattering classes and GB's attempts to get membership of the club?

In fact do I want a politician that's even interested in such stuff? It's been bad enough with TB jetting to holiday with Sir Cliff, having drinks with the Cool Britannia crew of years back and reports of his dinners at Chequers. Why don't they get on with their jobs? This celebrity obsession is what's ruining our once great TV, the press, and radio. If our politicians are going to involve themselves in it what hope is there?
Of course the softening of Iron Broon is a campaign that many around him, and in the Labour Party, feel is imperative. The fact is that he was probably out of touch before he went into politics and now having been there as long as he has he's totally lost the plot. The tax burden is killing life in this country. Who’s going to pay for grandparents to look after their grandkids? People are totally losing site of what the meaning of life is all about. We are on the verge of a new feudalism and Gordon Brown is about to become the new Sheriff of Nottingham.

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Praguetory said...

Just found you via Iain Dale. This is a good post. It is a good example of politicians completely missing the point. Most people want politicians who are in touch with real people not celebs.