Monday, March 19, 2007

More Choice Doesn't Mean Better Public Services

The Prime Minster is clearly confused. He and his team, which included Broon and Patricia Stewitt, were today presenting the report on public services. Yet again he was stressing the public’s need for choice. Bliar wagged on about empowering people – getting to be a bit of a mantra that. The fact is that it’s getting to the point that we’re so confused by the choices that are on offer that instead of things happening, nothing’s happening. The government is over complicating things and demonstrates their ability to get further out of touch the longer they are in power.

The review calls for "contestability" - or competition - where education and health services are not effective”. What a load of cobblers. For a start contestability is not a word but more to the point is this really something that’s achievable. So desperate is TB becoming for his ‘lasting legacy’ that he presents ideas that sound as though something is happening, but in reality it’s just weary words. He talked of our public services being “more shaped round the needs of people in the modern world today.” So what the hell does he think government should be doing other than that? How come it’s taken them so long. You really have to marvel at his ability to keep it all going by saying this was his vision for the coming ten years. Well pardon me if I missed something but he’s out of here in a matter of months, off to run the Blair Foundation or whatever it is he’s going to making his millions doing.

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