Friday, March 23, 2007

No Contest

The Politics Show on BBC 2 Scotland tonight just reinforced a fundamental problem with the SNP. Jim Mater vs. Wendy Alexander - no contest. Mr Mather looked out of touch, appeared not to be following and his arguments were weak. Wendy Alexander was sure-footed and straight forward despite having a dodgy position to defend. At the end of it all I just thought The Salmon and little Nicola are as good as it gets - the rest of the incumbent MSPs, as represented by Mather are a liability. That said, if the SNP can keep Mr S and LN at the forefront of things they are a lot more credible than Six Pack.


r morris said...

Richard, sounds like politicians are the same the world over. As a patriotic American, I will not even attempt to comment on our current administration. Where are the Abraham Lincolns when you need them?
Winston Churchill has long been admired in the States. Is he still in vogue in England or has he been revised?
Maybe you can get Sean Connery to run for office in Scotland. After all, California has Arnold Schwartzenegger, who has never been half the actor as Connery. Not to mention California giving us that great Hollywood B-movie star, Ronald Reagan.

Richard Havers said...

WSS has survived various revisionist attempts - thank goodness. His collateral took a bit of a beating, as Tony Blair seems to favour him! TB even thinks he can fashion some of his speeches after WSS - big mistake.

Overall your point about where are the big guns when you need them is absolutely right, especially here in Scotland where the Scottish Parliament is bereft of major league talent (most of it wouldn't make the minor leagues). As for the former James Bond there's more on him in another post. He's a much better actor than politician but as a friend and I were discussing the other night he only ever plays himself! His accent is the same whether he's JB, a Russian Submariner or a Japanese businessman.