Friday, March 23, 2007

America Comes To Glasgow

I'm a little late in posting this morning because we were slow getting up. We went to America last the concert hall. The more musically aware, and those of a certain age might know that America, those boys from 1971 who spent a lot of time in the desert looking for a horse with no name, have been touring the UK for the last couple of weeks. As Gerry Beckley, one half of the original duo still in the band (they started out as a three piece) said last night. "Last time we were in Glasgow we were supporting Family in 1971, it's good to come back once every 36 years or so."

I've known them since we did a Beach Boys tour together around the Far East in the latter part of the last century. They have been touring since they formed, without a break, and still do around 150 concerts every year. Gerry and his partner Dewey Bunnell are not only two of the nicest guys they are also extremely talented too. They have three other guys with them (two of which have been in the band for over 30 years) and their harmonies are spot on, their musicianship fantastic and their one hundred minute show a real treat. Their set is far from just nostalgia, although with songs like Riverside, Sandman, I Need You, Daisy Jane, Tin Man, Sister Golden Hair and of course Horse with no Name they could be excused if it were. They have a new album out called 'Here and Now' and they featured four songs all of which are classic America.

Click HERE to see, and hopefully buy 'Here & Now' from your nearest friendly Amazon store

If any of you have America's Greatest Hits on CD or that first album go pop it on. It's a great way to start a day.

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r morris said...

Richard--I saw 'America' back in the seventies and have still have some of their music on vinyl and CD. I've considered buying their new CD but have put it off. Maybe I will after reading your positive review. My feeling is they never had quite the same sound after Dan Peek left the group in the mid-seventies.

I went to a concert they gave in Missoula, Montana in 77 or 78. Honestly, it was one of the worst concerts I've ever seen. Bad sound, short set (under and hour). The problem with living in the boonies of America (the country) is that when a band comes here, they sometimes bring their 'B-Game' (aka--they just phone it in rather than giving their best). Such was the case. I was quite disappointed. I really enjoy their music.

On a lighter note, I saw another band in Missoula, Montana last October. Their name--The Rolling Stones. Those guys brought their A-Game!! What a great show. I will never forget it. They played long and hard for two solid hours in a college football stadium at the base of a mountain, under a full moon. It was magic.