Monday, March 05, 2007


....that people who watch daytime TV are in a mess. Just finished my muesli and homemade yoghurt and up comes a trail for what's on BBC 1 this morning.

How to beat the bailiffs
Escape to the country
Living in the sun (about moving to Southern Spain)

Somehow it all seems to be telling people that they should feel dissatisfied with their lives. I'm not saying that people shouldn't revaluate but TV is increasingly telling us how we should feel; and more especially how we should be moving on.

Escapism in entertainment used to mean something very different to what it does now.

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Anonymous said...

I completely agree with you and in fact, to take it a step further ... one of my primary beefs with the television media is that they accept these pharmaceutical ads by the thousands (telling people how sick we all are and how many pills we should be popping) just for the sake of making a buck or two. Grrrrr.

Weary Hag