Sunday, March 04, 2007


Ming's five tests.

He called on Mr Brown to -

1. "end Labour's authoritarian attack on civil liberties" by scrapping ID cards.

2. "grasp the challenge posed by climate change"

3. "break open the poverty trap".

4. "trust the people" by devolving power to local people

5. "Britain's foreign policy should not be set in Washington".

If Mr Brown met these tests, "he will have changed direction and embraced liberal democracy," Sir Menzies told delegates at their Spring conference.

What a load of empty tosh. It means nothing and proves just one thing. Ming Campbell is a yesterday man. It's so empty and vacuous to hear this kind of drivel. Still I suppose that's what its all come down to now. How is grasping the challenge of climate change a test? What is it exactly we're supposed to grasp. It's typical of the sort of crap that comes out of the minds of young farts and into the mouths of old farts.

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