Saturday, March 31, 2007

The FA Know FA

According to the Daily Telegraph. "Criticism of the England team from BBC pundits Gary Lineker and Alan Hansen played an important part in the FA's decision to dump them and instead award their television rights to ITV and Setanta. According to sources, the FA felt the BBC's coverage of the national team was bordering on a "campaign", and "not as positive as it could be". Lineker is believed to have responded defiantly, insisting that it is the BBC's duty to call it as they see it."

Gary's absolutely correct. He along with Alan Hansen. Alan Shearer et al have been a brilliant team and my only criticism is that at times they’ve held back from telling it like it really is. What a bunch of no-hopers the FA board are. They tolerated the Swede for longer than they should have, desperate to try and save themselves money. They pick McClaren despite his lack of success as a manger and being part of the losing regime - of course this was to save money too. Most of all they sit in their offices, enjoying the fruits of their positions and seem completely out of touch with the modern game.

It's a great shame that the BBC and Sky Sports have lost the coverage because ITV's commentators are worse than useless. Their pundits are second rate and they will take the whole thing downmarket.

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