Saturday, March 31, 2007

British Turbines Are Better Than New Zealand Turbines - It's Official

The proposed Drone Hill wind farm on Coldingham Moor, according to the developers will have 22 turbines, each 76 m. high. The developer (backed by a French investment company) says Drone Hill will power 21,000 homes and save 77,000 tonnes of CO2

Compare this to a proposed wind farm in Motorimu Wind Farm on the Tararua Ranges in New Zealand. There’s will have 127 turbines each 80 m. high. The company building them say they will power 42,000 homes and save 260,000 of CO2

So let’s get this straight British turbines will save 3500 tonnes of CO2 each, NZ ones will save 2047 tonnes each. A British turbine will power 954 homes and a NZ turbine will power 331 homes.

I guess we can assume that the New Zealanders are not deliberately downplaying the effectiveness of their turbines

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Neil Craig said...

The normal British assumption seems to be that our households use just about 1 kwh of power (when it is windy obviously since all figures are based on 100% of capacity when windmills average 28%). Perhaps NZ homes not only use a 1 bar electric fire but also have electric lights, fridges, TVs etc. which our government assume we don't.