Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Showboat to the Maldives

It's been revealed that Scotland's main climate change champion, none other than our Glorious Leader Alex Salmond is to visit the Maldives en-route to the Commonwealth Games in Delhi. It's not as some of you may assume because it's the Maldives Derby or Grand National, no it's so he can study the effects of climate on the Islands. The visit has been promoted because Mr Salmond signed an agreement with the government of the Maldives to help combat global warming at the recent climate change summit in Copenhagen.

Seriously, does his actions make any difference at all? With the problems that beset our economy, news that the NHS in Scotland does not perform as well as in England and all the other issues that we have – like the SNP's wilful desecraeation of Scotland through the gung-ho policy of approving wind farms – does he honestly think this is the best use of his time?

Rather than flying to the Maldives perhaps he should take a showboat


Ken said...
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Ken said...

The Maldives is not exactly en-route to Delhi! Presumably he will need to stay there for a week in order to have deep and meaningful discussions. And who pays for this...don't answer, I think we know! What about his "carbon footprint" from this extra travelling...mabe he will plant a tree (or another wind turbine) to ease his conscience!

Anyone with a modicum of common sense would recognise that they should be concentrating on matters closer to home. There again, in light of his mindset, where would Mr S's contributions be most welcome? Perhaps the Maldives is not such a bad idea!