Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Harvey Brooks & The Electric Flag

Harvey Broks is a bass player who has had the privilege to play with so many great musicians – Dylan, Mike Bloomfield, Al Kooper, Steve Stills, Cass Elliot, the Doors and Miles davis. His composition, Harvey's Tune that is featured on the Super Session album has long been a favourite of mine. Harvey was also a member of the Electric Flag, a band put together by Mike Bloomfield & Barry Goldberg in 1967 that included Buddy Miles, who played some of the most inventive rock of the period.

You can catch Harvey talking about the Electric Flag HERE, it is fascinating. There are other vidlogs on Harvey's site about working with Dylan, Miles davis and a whole host of other musical legends.

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Richarde Evans said...

I remember talking to Paul Rothchild (sp?) when I was designing The Doors' box set and he told me about Harvey Brooks playing on The Soft Parade album. Said he was a great bass-player. I didn't realise he'd played with so many great musicians and bands. A nice link, Richard. Ta.