Friday, January 15, 2010

The BBC's Bias as Exemplified by The One Show

I've just sent this complaint to the BBC....probably a lot of good it will do...

Is it really the BBC's job to make party political broadcasts for the Labour Party? The piece on yesterday’s One Show was incredibly one sided and its whole tone was anti-David Cameron – just because he went to public school and had a privileged background. The people that were interviewed were a lop-sided group, including Kevin McGuire of the Daily Mirror who is lock stock and barrel Labour. What would happen if it was a package asking the question, do we really want a Scot as our Prime Minister. That of course would be unthinkable for the BBC because it would be racist. Even the presenter's follow-up was biased.

Yet again we see the institutional bias of the BBC come to the fore. Perhaps your millionaire DG who went to public school has something to say about it?


cynicalHighlander said...

You'll get a codescending response as they are a law unto themselves.

the more signatures the better.

Anonymous said...

It is absurd to suggest that the BBC has a pro-Labour bias. As far as GB's Scottishness is concerned there are racist comments (both explicit and implicit) on every media outlet every day of the week.