Friday, May 01, 2009

We Have Gone Bonkers

We have totally lost the plot over swine flu. This from Iain Dale

"And I gather the couple who got it on their honeymoon have just been signed up by Max Clifford. Jesus wept. Doesn't that just about sum up our society?"

Watching the various news programmes tonight I found myself shouting at the TV given the absurdity of the way in which things were reported. Best, or is that worst, was ITV Borders news who had a GP on who made a mockery of credible medical assessment. I just seemed so pleased with himself for being on the telly!

It seems, according to the BBC on Saturday morning, that the flu outbreak may just be a seasonal affair. The number of deaths appears to have dropped by around 40%. You have to ask yourself, are the number of suspected cases in the UK and the over 600 being tested anything to do with the hysterical media coverage?


Selena Dreamy said...

The media react the way they react to anything that ever happens: they amplify, embellish and distort!

Accordingly, I have now taken to my bed with swine-flu waiting for the sound of the trumpet that will signal the beginning of my last few minutes of this life on earth...

Richard Havers said...


bigrab said...

Anyone catching swine flu should take a salt bath.

You'll soon be cured.