Monday, April 27, 2009

Scottish Minister Being Deliberately Unhelpful

Last Wednesday Jim Hume (South of Scotland Lib Dem MSP asked when the Scottish Executive reporter’s findings in relation to the Fallago Rig wind farm public inquiry would be published. Bearing in mind enquiry took place in February 2008 so it is now well over a year not an unreasonable question.

This was the answer from the minister. Possibly the most unhelpful answer in the history of parliamentary answers.

Jim Mather: The report from the Public Local Inquiry on the Fallago Rig wind farm will be published on the day the ministerial decision is announced. A news release will be issued and the decision details, including the Inquiry report will be made available on the Energy Consents website

Of course it's taking so long because it's turned into a matter on national security. The RAF don't want the windfarm because it affects their radar and creates black holes. Torness Nuclear power station is just down the road.

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James Higham said...

And you thought you were living in paradise?